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Pipe Burst at Commercial Property in Tyler, TX

After a pipe burst in the ceiling of a commercial building, SERVPRO of Tyler received the call and jumped into action. Upon our arrival, we began mitigating the water and setting equipment as quickly as possible to prevent any secondary damage. If you're in need of water mitigation services, give us a call at (903) 561-0168!

PPE On Every Job

Team Tyler values not only our employees safety, but yours as well. We arrive on scene at every restoration job in full PPE. This building suffered from water leak that cause damage to the interior walls. 


Applying SERVPROXIDE as fogs or mists is a method used routinely in the commercial cleaning space. The purpose is to create and disperse a disinfectant to reduce the numbers of airborne micro-organisms and also to apply disinfectant to surfaces that may be difficult to reach.

Nation's #1 Choice

SERVPRO of Tyler specializes in commercial cleaning.

SERVPRO is the nation’s number one choice in cleanup and restoration. Our team makes it "Like it never even happened." Call us today for a free quote: (903) 561-0168

Clean Space

We support our economy moving forward. Business owners, if you are struggling to keep your space clean, call SERVPRO of Tyler. Our team would be happy to give you a free quote! We want your business to succeed! 

Ducks in a row

Headed to a large business park cleanup! Our team is going to be preforming a proactive cleaning & disinfection. This helps ensure that the space is safe when employees return back to work. Of course we will be taking all precautionary measures for our team as well. 

We Love Our Fire Department!

Palestine Fire Department is out serving us all hours of the day and night. We could not be more grateful for their service. Our team thought a great way to show our appreciation would be to proactively clean their vehicles and equipment!

Property Owners

Property owners, do you need a deep clean for your small business? Contact SERVPRO of Tyler today for a FREE estimate. Our team provides cleaning services for businesses of all sizes. Here in Your Community. Here to Help. 

Palestine Fire Department

Proactive Cleaning

It is such a privilege & an honor for our team at SERVPRO to be able to give back to these men and women who give themselves selflessly every day. The time to come together is now. Let's start with supporting our neighbors! 

In the Hotel Lobby

Hotel lobby undergoing water restoration services. As you can tell this was one of our larger commercial water damage restoration projects. The good thing is, SERVPRO of Tyler can be on scene in a flash! Once you give us a call we are making the arrangements on how to quickest get to you. 

It's Important to Call

After experiencing a water loss on your commercial property in Bullard, TX it is important to call SERVPRO of Tyler as quickly as possible. Waiting to call can result in secondary damages, such as mold, to your property. Give us a call today!

Water Extraction in Action

Our SERVPRO of Tyler team is currently in action extracting water after a commercial water loss in Tyler, TX. After extraction, our SERVPRO of Tyler team will remove damaged materials and set up the drying equipment. 

Flooding in Tyler, TX, Church

If unexpected flooding occurs and severely damages your commercial property in Tyler, TX, give SERVPRO of Tyler a call right away. The longer the damage is left untreated, the bigger the chances for mold and further damage to your property. Give us a call!

Severe Commercial Water Damage

Our SERVPRO of Tyler team recently responded to a severe commercial water loss. Our team quickly got to work to get this facility back to normal. If you experience severe water damage to your commercial facility, it is important to know where to turn. Our team has the expertise and equipment to handle ANY size loss. 

Commercial Water Loss

After our SERVPRO of Tyler team received a call about water damage in a commercial attic, we quickly responded. Commercial water damage restoration and cleanup is no problem for our SERVPRO team. Give us a call.

Water In Hallway

This structure suffered a water loss that left parts of the building flooded, as you can see from the water left in the hallway in this image. Our team was called in to handle the cleanup and repair.

Drying Equipment In Hallway

This facility suffered a water loss and the crew of SERVPRO of Tyler was called in to handle the cleanup and repair of the facility after the disaster. In this image, you can see some of our drying equipment onsite. 

Water damage cleanup

SERVPRO was called to respond to this large commercial water loss. Our team quickly extracted all of the water and got drying equipment in place to get the facility dry. If you have any questions about our commercial restoration process, feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

This facility had a lot of water damage that needed to be cleaned up. SERVPRO of Tyler was quick to get on site and begin the water cleanup process. If you have any questions about our team, feel free to reach out at anytime. 

Commercial Offices Flooded

This office building suffered serious damage after a pipe burst.  Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Tyler and we were able to help them and several others clean up and restore their property. The building owners were grateful that our 24/7 services were available to them in their time of need. 

If your home or business has experienced water damage, call us right away at 903-561-0168. Disaster can strike when we least expect it, but SERVPRO of Tyler will be there to help you weather the storm.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Have Water Damage? Call Us Today 903-561-0168

Flooded Classrooms

After a long holiday weekend an elementary school principal found part of the campus flooded.  SERVPRO of Tyler quickly extracted the water and started the drying process.  A few days later the school was able to reopen the affected classrooms and resume classes as usual.  

When water damage strikes call SERVPRO of Tyler at 903-561-0168.

Water Damage to Commercial Property on Lake Palestine

A toilet supply line burst creating several inches of standing water in this Lake Palestine business. SERVPRO of Tyler worked around the clock to restore the affected area and prevent any secondary damage from occurring. We know that commercial water damage can cost a business thousands of dollars in productivity; it is always our goal to help keep your business running as flawlessly as possible through the restoration process. 

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage from a water fountain supply line. SERVPRO of Tyler was ready to help. The business was able to stay open and functioning throughout the restoration process.

In the banking industry there is no time to shut down a facility when disaster strikes. SERVPRO was able to help this bank stay open to the public while restoration of the structure was completed. There was no lost revenue from the doors being closed. All employees were able to work and customers could be services. 

The bank was back to normal a couple of days after the water fountain supply line caused the water damage. 

Commercial Water Damage

A commercial business center had 3 units flood on a Sunday morning. SERVPRO of Tyler was ready to help. The property manager and tenants were impressed with the response time, restoration and professionalism SERVPRO of Tyler.

This was a business center with multiple tenants. Each tenant had different insurance policies that needed to be addressed. Each unit had a separate claim for contents. The building structure had a separate claim as well. The customer was happy that SERVPRO of Tyler could  effectively manage a large loss restoration project and the different insurances companies involved.  

SERVPRO is ready 24 hours a day to make it "like it never even happened".

Cleanup of Falling Stone

A commercial property had stone from the building facade collapse in Palestine, TX.  The stone caused major damage to the building structure.  SERVPRO of Tyler was able to come in and help.  Crews removed the stone from the roof and surrounding areas.  Then patched the roof until a structural engineer could clear the structure. 

Structural Engineering is defined by Merriam Webster's Dictionary as: a branch of civil engineering dealing primarily with the design and construction of stuctures (such as bridges, buildings, dams)

Structural Engineers are utilized on many restoration projects.  These engineers make sure a building a sound and can be restored.